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Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)
Journey of IIC established at the Institute

In the year 2018, the Ministry of Education (MoE) through MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) launched the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program in collaboration with AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to systematically foster the culture of innovation and start-up ecosystem in education institutions. Under IIC our Institution has been performing various activities in past years, and had continued to do the same even though the whole year is undergone to the pandemic. PIET -IIC got 3.5 Star Rating allotted by MOE India. The institution is dedicated to conducting activities related to IP, start-up and innovation during 2019-20 under the IIC flagships. These activities were appreciated by all stakeholders and thus we got motivated to improve in the last year i.e., 2021-22. In the year 2021-22 IIC of PIET has organized 65 activities to address research & innovation, start-up, internship, IPR etc. Institute organized start-up innovation contest to provide a platform to young innovative brains. Along with it, the IIC of PIET also organized 10 sessions to understand the importance of IPR and to convert projects into IP. Council tried to develop and nurture young brains to create new initiatives based on innovation and starting start-ups. In this session four IPR, three start up session, two start up contests and four innovation & research activities and workshops were organized during this year. These activities also resulted in new start-ups developed by our students and IPR developed by our faculty & students. PIET 28 young innovators also participated in the regional meet of IIC at Amity University Jaipur. We have conducted National level Project Exhibition and contest UDHBHAV-2022  in our campus. More than 50 school and colleges participated.

B. Brief mention of key functionaries at the IIC Institute

Name and Designation


Dr. Dinesh Goyal, Director

Head of Institute

Dr. Priya Mathur, Professor


Dr. Gautam Singh, Registrar

Vice President

Dr Purushottam Lal, Associate Professor


IPR Activity Coordinator

Dr. Mukesh Chandra, Associate Professor

NIRF Coordinator

Dr.Budesh Kanwar, Professor

Innovation Activity Coordinator

Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Assistant Professor

ARIIA Coordinator

Mr. Mohit Bajpai, Assistant Professor,

Social Media Coordinator

Mr Yodendra Sharma, Associate Professor

Start up Activity Coordinator

Mr. Udit Mamodia, Assistant Professor


Mr. Akhilesh Natani, Director, Appcino Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur

External Expert

Mr. Puneet Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO, Pratham Software, Jaipur

Industrialists/ stakeholders

C. Portfolio/graphical/Tabular representation of Resource strength (human capital and Physical capital) of the IIC institution

Total No. of IIC Members


Total No. of IAs -


Total No. of faculty Mentors from Portal


Pre-Incubation Units, If any


Incubation Units, If any


IP Facilitation Unit, If any


Innovation in Exploratory Data analysis for industry 4.O

On December 22,Department of mathematics and IIC(Institute’s innovation council)  organized an expert session for the students of first year in Arbuda Convention Centre, PIET Jaipur. The guest speaker/ expert for the session was TAPAN JAIN Faculty Electronics and Communication IIIT NAGPUR. The session start at 10:00AM,with the arrival of the session expert – Sir, Tapan jain. The anchor Shruti Agarwal heartily welcomed everyone. The session moved forward, and The anchor requested the Principal and Director ( Poornima institute of engineering and technology ) – Dr Dinesh goyal sir, to present the token of love to Sir, Tapan jain for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his valuable words with the student of first year.

National Pollution Control Day

The ‘National Pollution Control Day’ (02-12-22) is observed in memory of those who died in the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, which occurred on the intervening night of December 2 and 3 in 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) plant in the Madhya Pradesh capital. Let’s take a pledge on National Pollution Control Day that we will take forward our efforts to reduce air , water, land , noise & other form of pollution and make this world pollution free,”Students presented their ideas to control pollution through speech, PPT and poster making.An online quiz competition was also held to raise awareness about pollution among students.

Motivational Session by Sandeep Jain

An expert session on the title “Motivational Session by Sandeep Jain” organised for the I year students in the Arbuda Convention Center on 2 November 2022.It has been scheduled from 10.00 am to 11.30 am. The Session expert has been welcome by the token of gratitude by the Dr. Dinesh Goyal (Director & Principal, PIET).

        He motivated the student to become a good person in their life, try to do something for the society and also give them courage to think big.

Workshop on How to Develop Innovative Projects

The event was coordinated by Dr.Krati Sharma, welcome and brief introduction of session expert Mr. Manoj Raman was done by Dr. Udit Mamodiya, token of gratitude by Dr. Dinesh Goyal (Director & Principal PIET) and vote of thanks given by Reshma Kala


The main objective of this session is to create new knowledge, new ideas for product and services. Demonstration helps to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop important skills.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behavior by Mr. Srikant Gupta

Mr. Srikant Gupta, Founder, Inspirit Institute of Communication Skills interacted with the students on 9th November 2022 under the ongoing Student Inter Induction Program 2022_2023 in Arbudha Convention Centre. Dr. Ritu Soryan introduced the Chief Guest and gave a detailed account about his life and his work.

In his interacting session he has told many stories and related with the real life situations. He talked about how to connect and communicate with the people without stage fear. He motivated the students to lead a learning life in this four years of student journey.

An Expert Talk on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity  ” by Er. Loveneesh Talwar

An expert session on the title “Entrepreneurshipand Innovation as Career Opportunity by Er. Loveneesh Talwar” organised by Dr. Dinesh Goyal, Director, PIET. He praised all the efforts made by IIC, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology for their excellent efforts to make the Session successful.

The session was starting with introduction of entrepreneurship and followed by who is an entrepreneur, why entrepreneurship, characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, types of entrepreneurship, pros and cons of entrepreneurship, about innovation, difference between invention and innovation, different examples of innovation and inventions, introduction of research, various example of research products are also provided

Field/Exposure Visit to R- CAT Jaipur

Visit is considered as one of the tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this Industrial industrial visit was to let students know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices

Industrial visit provided awareness of new technologies, built relationships, and combined theoretical and practical knowledge. Appreciated by company. Exemplified "edutainment" – education and environment.

How to Become Entrepreneur

An expert session on How to Become Entrepreneur was organised on 11th March 2023 Saturday. The session was conducted on the occasion of International Women's Day celebration, under the guidance of PIET-WISE club and Institution's Innovation Council, Ministry of Education at Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

she covered -  Learn What it Means & Decide if You are Still Willing to Pursue it, Pick a Business Idea,Get Busy Building Your Network, Organise Your Business

A Session on ChatGPT

The workshop started with a formal introduction and felicitation of the guests & speakers, Mr Gaurav Bansal (Co-chair, Yi Jaipur) , Mrs. Ayushi Agarwal (Co-chair, Yuva vertical, Yi Jaipur), and Mr Deepak Sihag (Founder xLab IT consultancy services) by Dr. Dinesh Goyal Sir, Principal, PIET.

ChatGPT is one of the most chosen and loved AI tools of the current time. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is Brief trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response. In order to educate and aware the students about the ChatGPT & its optimal usage, the Yi Club (PIET) organised a session to cover basics of ChatGPT on 17 May 2023.

“Orientation Session on IIC 5.0 (2022-23) & Features” by MoE's Innovation Cell

The Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Institution Innovation Council(IIC) Committee Members, and Students & Other Faculty members attended an Orientation Session on IIC 5.0 (2022-23) and its features in compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Education (MoE) Innovation Council (MIC). Dr. Dinesh Goyal, Director & Principal, PIET provided an opportunity to conduct this, Session. He praised all the efforts made by IIC, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur for their excellent efforts to make the Session successful.

Online Session on Entrepreneurship The Real World and The Challenge Ahead by Mr. Raghav Totla

An informative event was organised at in “Poornima Institute Of Engineering And Technology Central Library NDLI Club”, entitled as “Entrepreneurship The Real World Challenges & The Road Ahead”. The session kickstarted with warm greetings by Hiya Gurbani [Anchor] and words of wisdom by ‘Dr. Dinesh Goyal’[Principal & Director PIET]. Afterwards, the session was continued by inviting Dr Priya Mathur for the introduction of the session.

The session covered the best of knowledge in the brimming of entrepreneurship. It is best for the upcoming challenges in the field. The session was an eye opening and bringing new direction to a life. Eventually, the session was ended by a vote of thanks by Ms. Suman Jain. Overall, it was an aspiring session and great opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs.

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