Student Minority Committee at Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology

Minority Committee

Minority Cell As per the requirement of AICTE/DTE/ RTU norms, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur has constituted the Minority Cell for the Academic Year 2018-19 to provide an environment that supports diversity and respects everyone regardless of color, religious belief or cultures and also commits to ensuring protection of everyone including minorities and acting as per the provisions of constitution of India in such matters.

Committee Members
Sr. No. Name Designation Status
01 Dr. Dinesh Goyal Director Chairperson Exofficio
02 Gautam Singh Registrar Member Ex-officio
03 Dr. Rekha Jain Professor CSE Member
04 Ms. Noor Afsan Meraj Student Representative (III Year,CSE) Student Member

The Cell will take care of Minorities with respect to:-
a) The Minority cell will help students and faculty belonging to religious minority including Christian, Muslim, Jain etc. for their academic development.
b) The committee will educate all the students, parents about various scholarship schemes available for all minorities under state and central government.
c) The committee will help students to get education loans through various minority trusts. All concerned are requested to take note of above and approach the Principal / any of member(s) of the committee about