• PBIC's main aim is to help its members grow skills of an entrepreneur and help them to inculcate management skills so that they may succeed in their corporate as well as business life.
  • PBIC also provides resources and opportunities for it's participants to come up with good Idea, which with the help of PBIC could grow into something big.


  • We help in building skills: A person with skills is what is required in this competitive world. So PBIC works so that it's members could develop skills.
  • We create network: We make sure that the members are able to communicate effectively with others so that they could enhance their networking skills. We make sure that everyone participate so that we could make them use to networking.
  • We Educate: We not only help them in learning skills as only learning is of no use until unless the skill is applied practically so we give them opportunities to prove themselves and to show their skills


  • Our Mission is to make sure that our members pass out with flying colours in all the activities they participate. We will make sure that the club helps it's members to grow in all domain which they desire to.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Udit Mamodiya
Captain: Ankit Khemani
Vice-Captain: Abhijeth Pillai