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The Eco-Green Club in each school will be made up of teachers and a group of motivated students to learn about the environment and to take action to improve their immediate environment. They will also provide a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness, build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world, in a way that the constraints of the classroom and curriculum won’t allow. Any motivated teacher from the school could become the coordinator for the Eco-Green Club. Training Sessions will be carried out in LGAs for teachers and students on how to set the clubs up. A written guide to setting up and running the clubs will be provided for the interested schools. The guide will illustrate clearly how an Eco-Green club can be initiated in the school, how many students should ideally be in the club and what kind of activities and projects can be undertaken by the club. This guide will help the Eco club coordinator in the schools to systematically and successfully run the club and reach out to the community. Schools will also regularly attend the training conducted by the National Eco-Green Club Board. Reporting Schools committed to the initiative are expected to come up with an annual plan for their Club. Teachers who attend Eco-Green Club training are given an Eco-Green club evaluation check list sheet, this will be filled in by schools and used for monitoring and evaluation. Awards will be given to encourage the club members.

This club is formed on 01 JAN, 2018. Students will get a platform to show their potential in technical and non- technical fields. Various technical and non-technical events will enhance the skills of students. Learning sessions will provide students a better platform to learn something new excluding academics which are important for future aspects of their career and lots more.


Faculty Coordinator - Mr. Vishnu Prakash Sharma


Student Coordinators:
1. Kshitiz Sharma - PIET15EE019 – 4 TH YEAR (Founder) (Contact at- 9928748559)



Workshop Report

This report presents a summary of the feedback received from participants at the workshop,

About the participants

Number of participants: 52

Number of feedback forms received: 52

Solar System Content: -(2 Days)

Presentation &Hardware Demonstration
  • Introduction Of Solar Energy
  • Components Of Solar System
  • Installation Of Solar System
  • Application Of Solar System
  • Practical session: -
  • Solar mobile charger
  • Series/Parallel connection of solar panels
  • Presentation &Hardware Demonstration
  • Solar component technical specification
  • Government Policies Of Solar
  • Future Scope & Jobs in solar field
  • Solar Projects in India
  • Installation of rooftop solar system

Trainer profile

Mr. Lokesh Tiwari

Lokesh Tiwari

Lokesh Tiwari, An engineer from electronics and communication engineering stream. The young and dynamic personality has been working upon automation system and its applications from his graduations, whose basic aim is to spread out his technical capabilities in India educational system and the extent of his success in this field can be proved from his achievements only.


Started his career with Reliance Communications as a BSS Engineer and served Reliance Communications for 2 years but as his area of interest is in Research arena which made him to join Industrial Automation field. Afterwards to work in a company which matches with his area of interest he joined Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur as an Automation Engineer. Presently he is working as a Sr. Automation Engineer at Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur. Recently he has completed his M.Tech in Automation & Instrumentation Control from Poornima University, Jaipur.

Introduction Of Solar Energy:


Solar component technical specification:



  • Innovative technology which can be applied either on top of any existing module or integrated into new modules during assembly. Next steps:
  • Test reliability of the modules.
  • Extent the concept to develop a color palette with the possibility to choose the desired color (PV module customization).
  • Display of information on top of PV modules (logos, images).






Attendence sheet for solar Workshop Name of Student Regustration No. 3/2/2018(Morning) 3/2/2018(Evening) 4/2/2018(Morning) 4/2/2018 (Evening)
1 Himanshu PIET15EE014 Y Y Y Y
2 Hitesh Kumar PIET15EE015 Y Y Y Y
3 Mayank Laxkar PIET15EE024 Y Y Y Y
4 Vipul sharma PIET15EE058 Y Y Y Y
5 Yashansh Vijay PIET15EE061 Y Y Y Y
6 Sachin Goyal PIET15EE046 Y Y Y Y
7 Lokesh Gurjar PIET15EE020 Y Y Y Y
8 PriyanshSharma PIET15EE032 Y Y Y Y
9 Dinesh Chandra Gadri PIET15EE008 Y Y Y Y
10 Piyush Agrawal PIET15EE302 Y Y Y Y
11 Yogesh Kumar PIET15EE062 Y Y Y Y
12 Yash Sharma PIET15EE059 Y Y Y Y
13 Enesh Nigam PIET15EE010 Y Y Y Y
14 Saddam Hussain PIET15EE063 Y Y Y Y
15 Dhara Singh Yogi PIET15EE007 Y Y Y Y
16 Jai prakash Meena PIET15EE016 Y Y Y Y
17 Divyansh Vyas PIET15EE009 Y Y Y Y
18 Kshtiz Sharma PIET15EE019 Y Y Y Y
19 Gaurav tiwari PIET15EE011 Y Y Y Y
20 Aniket Rathore PIET15EE004 Y Y Y Y
21 Balwant Singh PIET15EE006 Y Y Y Y
22 Manvendra Singh PIET15EE023 Y Y Y Y
23 Hareesh Kumar PIET15EE012 Y Y Y Y
24 Ajay kumar meena PIET15EE003 Y Y Y Y
25 Kapil Meena PIET15EE018 Y Y Y Y
26 Anuj Sharma PIET15EE005 Y Y Y Y
27 Rakesh gurjar PIET15EE038 Y Y Y Y
28 Vaibhav kumar goyal PIET15EE054 Y Y Y Y
29 Md. Kamaluddin PIET15EE026 Y Y Y Y
30 Roushan kumar patel PIET15EE044 Y Y Y Y
31 Sunny kumar Patel PIET15EE051 Y Y Y Y
32 Ikram Md. PIET15EE064 Y Y Y Y
33 Sanskriti Arela PIET15EE701 Y Y Y Y
34 Vaibhav tiwari PIET15EE055 Y Y Y Y
35 Vikash Gora PIET15EE057 Y Y Y Y
36 Sahil PIET15EE047 Y Y Y Y
37 Rupendra siroya   Y Y Y Y
38 Rahul Sharma   Y Y Y Y
39 Alisha PIET15EE0302 Y Y Y Y
40 Satyajeet Singh PIET15EE049 Y Y Y Y
41 Deepanshu Sharma PIET/EE/14/020 Y Y Y Y
42 Ajay Yadav (psy) PIET/EE/14/004 Y Y Y Y
43 Gagan Sharma PIET/EE/14/022 Y Y Y Y
44 Arpita Vijayvergiya PIET/EE/14/009 Y Y Y Y
45 Akshay Nagar PIET/EE/14/006 Y Y Y Y
46 Shubham Goyal PIET/EE/14/052 Y Y Y Y
47 Vimal Parasar PIET/EE/14/061 Y Y Y Y
48 Jethu singh PIET/EE/14/027 Y Y Y Y
49 Lakshman Ram PIET/EE/14/035 Y Y Y Y
50 Dinesh Shrimal PIET/EE/14/021 Y Y Y Y
51 Bhupesh sharma PIET/EE/14/015 Y Y Y Y
52 Ajay Yadav (aky) PIET/EE/14/005 Y Y Y Y

Up-coming Events

Installation of Solar PV in PIET building