Electrinfinity Club

Objectives of club:

Advance the development and exchange of relevant knowledge.
To create awareness of various technical happenings around the world among the students
Academic and extra-curricular activities; to encourage students to actively participate in related events.
To promote academic excellence by offering academic support.
Encourages managerial capabilities such as event management and stage organization among students
Bringing out the best in its members by conducting events that enhance personality traits
To develop professional and leadership skills, to emphasis respect and the rights of others.

Creating social awareness among the residents and the students of ECE dept to give a platform to the students so they can showcase their literary and cultural talent as well as improve their managerial skills and personality.
The club is formed on 1 st September, 2017. The club activities are running under the guidance of Mr. Manish Singhal and Mrs. Priyanka Sharma. Total 18 students are working as coordinator in this club. This club has two phases:

  • Technical
  • Non Technical

Club Coordinators:

Faculty Coordinator:


Mr. Manish Singhal


Ms. Priyanka Sharma

Student Coordinators:


Mr. Mayank Agrawal (Club Coordinator)

Electrinifinity Club Coordinators
S.NO Student Name Year Category
1 Mayank Agrawal III Club Coordinator
2 Vinay Yadav IV Technical Coordinator
3 Adarsh Sharma IV Technical Coordinator
4 Shubham maheshwari IV Non Technical Coordinator
5 Sakshi Maheshwari IV Non Technical Coordinator
6 Bharat Joshi III Non Technical Coordinator
7 Kamal Vaishnav III Technical Coordinator
8 Minal Jain III Non Technical Coordinator
9 Pranjali Bohara III Technical Coordinator
10 Parul Jain III Non Technical Coordinator
11 Nitika Gupta III Non Technical Coordinator
12 Ajay Saini III Technical Coordinator
13 Anurag II Non Technical Member
14 Deepak II Technical Coordinator
15 Tarun Mandani II Technical Member
16 Reena Thakur II Non Technical Member
17 Simran Mahla II Non Technical Member
18 Shivani II Non Technical Member


Workshop on VLSI
Date: September 6, 2018
Mode of Workshop: Presentation and Simulation of Programs

Objective: Our objective is to help students to gain an overall knowledge of the applied Technology and its functioning. For present and future reference we provide ample productive materials focusing the subject and application areas of the technology. The main objective of workshop was to make students aware with the practical uses of Electronic technology, VLSI. Workshop will help students to make them known about VLSI and VHDL programming as well.
Total 60 students of II & III year had attended the workshop.

Department Day Celebration

Department Day Celebration is organized on 15 th September every year as a tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.
The following external guests graced the occasion with their benign presence as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor in the formal inaugural function held from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

1. Chief Guest : Capt. Tapas Majumdar (Retd.), registered director with the ministry of corporate affairs, member of institute of director India.

2. Guest of Honor : Mr. M.K.M. Shah, Director Admin. and Finance, Poornima Group.
Dr. Om Prakash Sharma Director, PIET welcomed the Chief Guest of the program by presenting bouquet and memento.

Capt. Tapas Majumdar emphasized on the importance engineers in transformation of ancient civilizations to modern civilization. He continued with the role of engineers in make in India campaign. He said that engineers are transforming the world around us. He further shared his experiences with students regarding discipline in army and learning from army.

Now it was the chance to acknowledge the achievements of students who have done better for the college and society as well by excelling in various fields. One student from each department was awarded by best student award with cash prize of 2100.

The complete program was carried out as a student driven activity and the annual report of civil department was presented by student representatives.

The program concluded with vote of thanks extended by Mr. Kamal Kishore Choure, Dy. Head Dept. of ECE. Technical session was held before inaugural session in which best project, best internship and annual report of departments were presented by student representatives. The young talents in the field of cultural and sports were awarded with the certificate.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by the project and poster exhibition. Students presented their projects and explained about them before dignitaries. Poster making competition was held at department level and the posters were exhibited during department day celebration.

Now it was the time for students to dance on the beats, because it was cultural ceremony. Students performed various cultural activities like Group Dance, Group Song, SKIT, Open MIc, Poetry. The ceremony was packed up with Punjabi Dance, Modern Dance, Classical Dance etc.

Upcoming Activities

S.No. Name of Activity Category Date Class
1 Workshop on Embedded System Technical I week of March IV Year
2 Entrepreneurship Session Technical II week of March IV Year
3 Industrial Visit Technical III week of March III Year
5 AUTOMATION& HMI Technical 2nd week of march II Year & III Year
6 Alumni lecture Technical 3rd week of march II YEAR
8 Personality Development Technical 2nd week of April II Year & III Year
9 NGO Visit Non technical II week of March II, III and IV Year
10 Kalakriti(An event of Colors) Non technical III week of March II, III and IV Year
11 Food without Fire Non technical III week of March II, III and IV Year

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 9983175627
Email id: priyanka.sharma87@poornima.org