"Turning Ideas into Actions"

An entrepreneur is a key player of the country. In developing country like ours, we need more entrepreneurs than job seekers as jobs would be available only when business would be there and in order to enter business, entrepreneurs need to be there.
KRYPTON E-Cell was started in year 2012 with the objective to make young minds entrepreneurs from campus. Entrepreneurship has been enjoying a boom in popularity since 2008. With a consistently high number of new companies appearing, start up incubators flourishing and plenty of investment capital available, leading to some astronomical company valuations, enthusiasm for business creation is running high on all sides. Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into actions. Ever increasing globalization requires an expanding workforce with appropriate skills leading to innovation and creativity coupled with experience. The most important resource of any country is its people and the maximization of their potential through transformed mind-sets. Entrepreneurship has been considered the backbone of economic Development. Entrepreneurship Development and training is thus, one of the key elements for development of micro and small enterprises particularly first generation entrepreneurs.
Krypton E-Cell is the Entrepreneurship cell running in PIET. Our journey started in year 2012 with just 30 members (including Faculty & Students) & now Krypton having 300+ members (including Faculty & Students) in year 2017. Every year we organize many Workshops, seminars, and webinars with the help of NEN. Rajiv Gandhi National Level Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program is one of the best program organized by KRYPTON E-Cell in PIET. This was an Entrepreneurship Development Training program initiated by RGNIYD, Govt. of India and conducted by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu with Krypton E-Cell in PIET.
Apart from such training programs E-Cell organizes E-Talk through young energetic entrepreneurs to motivate the students. E-Cell also provides a platform for practical learning & to experience ease of doing business for the students. For this purpose KRYPTON E-Cell organizes one week Entrepreneurship programs like E-Week & UDYAMITA annually.
KRYPTON E-Cell is a campus oriented club which works to enhance entrepreneur skills on the student level and promotes young innovative business ideation.