Cytron Student Board

The club is formed on 1st January, 2018. The club activities are running under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Moud (HOD) and Mr. Abhishek Dadhich. Total 34 students are working as active members in this club.

Club Faculty Coordinators –

Board Consultant Mr. Deepak Moud (HoD CS dept, PIET)

Board Secretary - Mr. Abhishek Dadhich (Assistant Professor CS dept, PIET)


Mr. Deepak Moud


Mr. Abhishek Dadhich

Club Student Coordinators


Swapnil Joshi (PIET16CE110)


Rajat Bhardwaj (PIET16CE086)




PRAYAG 2K18 - an event was held in Computer Engineering Department from 25 th Sep to 28 th Sep 2018 which included participants from Poornima Group of Colleges. PRAYAG was organized by a student driven club CYTRON.

In this event there are 4 competitions.

  • SPARK – Startup Techno Expo
  • WEBSTER – Website Designing Competition
  • CODEX – Coding Contest
  • ADVERTO – Graphic Designing Competition

Our Sponsors and Execution Partner–

  • Digital Kadam
  • Staff inn
  • PBIC – Poornima Business Incubation Center

SPARK – Techno Startup Expo


SPARK is a start up techno expo in which all the participants gets the chance to share their start up idea with the judging panel in two rounds. There are 10 teams had participated in this competition. On 25 th Sep the first round of SPARK begins where participant have to present idea in front of judges. On the basis of judgment top 5 teams moves to the final round held on 26 th Sep 2018 have to show their talent of marketing for their idea.

WEBSTER – Website Designing


WEBSTER is a website designing competition in which all participants have to design their website on any idea for competition purpose. In this competition there are 15 teams. On 26th Sep 2018 in first round team has to design the homepage of their website in time period of 2 hours. 5 teams are selected for second round in which they have to design their complete website.

CODEX – Coding Contest


CODEX is a coding contest in which 43 teams had participated for competing in first round held on 25 th Sep 2018 at 8:30 am onwards in which there are 15 questions that have to be answered in 15 minutes. Best 20 team appeared in 2 nd round which is held on 26 th Sep 2018 on hacker-rank in which there are 6 questions answered to be in 2 hours 30 minutes. The team having best score declared winner of CODEX.

ADVERTO – Graphic Designing


ADVERTO is a graphic designing competition in which all participants have to show their creativity in the form of documentary. In this competition all the participants have to submit the teaser of their documentary in first round and complete documentary in final round. In which 05 teams had participated for competing in first round held on 25 th Sep 2018 and the best one declared as the winner of the ADVERTO competition.

PRAYAG – Event Records

Competition First Round Second Round Winners Details Prizes & Certificates
SPARK 10 05 Shubham Agrawal Ravi PGI – CS – 3rd Year PRAYAG Best Startup Award 2k18 Cash Prize worth INR 2100/-
WEBSTER 15 05 Shubham Agrawal Ankit Madatwal PGI – CS – 3rd Year PRAYAG Best Website Designer Award 2k18 Cash Prize worth INR 1100/-
CODEX 43 20 Akshay Joshi Anshul Shrivastava PIET – CS – 2nd Year PRAYAG Best Coder Award 2k18 Cash Prize worth INR 1100/-
ADVERTO 05 03 Sarvesh Goyal Parth Rathore PIET – CS – 2nd Year PRAYAG Best Graphic Designer Award 2k18 Cash Prize worth INR 1100/-

PRAYAG – Event Glimpses


CSB Chapter 1– REPORT


CSB Chapter1– This program was held in Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur from 15th Feb to 18th Feb 2019 which included participants from Cytron Student Board, Poornima. The whole program was organized by student board CYTRON.
Sessions were taken by Board core member from each community under guidance of Board Head. The Details are as follows–

In this chapter we provided 5 sessions in 3 communities –

  • ProgrammingCommunity
    • Logic building and basics of C language
    • Test your skills in C language
  • Web-DesigningCommunity
    • Basics of Project development
    • Webpage design with CSS animation
  • Aptitude Enhancement Community
    • Three hours Aptitude test