A Club “Where Idea Matters” and where “We Believe in Simple & Creative Standards”.

Codium is a student-run club at Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology. We are a perennially learning & developing group of coding enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs. Our members work on C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript, JAVA, SQL / NoSQL Databases, Cloud Computing and sometimes even delving into entrepreneurship and interpersonal skills development. We conduct lectures and workshops on these topics and also organize some extremely cool events and meets.

To create a skillful, grooming environment where we transform from liabilities to assets.


  1. To be skilled and sound in Technical areas
  2. Capable in Design Thinking
  3. Groomed with Professional Intelligence
  4. Trained oneself in a balance equation of IQ and EQ
  5. Possessing both Interpersonal Communication and Management Skills

Link to club website :