Pre Placement Activities in Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology

PEEM was introduced in PIET in July 13 from academic session 2013-14. Its main aim is to prepare the budding engineers to face challenges in cracking the job interviews. It was introduced for students to crack written exam of companies, to instill confidence in them during interviews, to provide an opportunity to explore themselves beyond the academic curriculum. PEEM help students to be to be successful in their placements.

This year about 1350 students were put through the online tests for the evaluation of their aptitude and skills and 800 of these students were found eligible on the grounds of various parameters to be subjected to GD/PI, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English (spoken and written) Classes. The results were encouraging and it was decided to introduce PEEM & P-PROSKEP classes from V sem onwards for B.Tech session 2014-15 in order to make students more competitive. To screen out the disinterested students a token amount is charged from the students which is refunded to them at the conclusion phase of PEEM.

The PEEM team consists of:
(a) The Chief TPO.
(b) The Training Officers PEEM, PIET.
(C) 10 Tutors from PIET Campus.

  • PEEM classes are mandatory for all students of 5th and 6th Semester CS, IT & EC branches and will run as a regular program incorporated in the teaching scheme for 2 hours / week.
  • P-PROSKEP classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CS, IT & EC branches is now termed as ‘Technical P-PROSKEP (TPP)’, taught by department faculty members only. The TPP sessions are also compulsory for all students of 5th Semester. An individual faculty is not permitted to take the load of TPP sessions for more than 6 hours per week.
  • TPP classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CIVIL & EE branches is conducted for 2 hours in Lecture mode (2L) and 2 hours in practical mode (2P - with batch size of half of the class strength). Deptt. faculty members takes the TPP sessions that primarily includes preparation for GATE, brushing up of previous year’s concepts & awareness of technical sessions (to be conducted in interactive Lecture mode) and other software based learning & workshop oriented trainings (to be conducted in Practical mode).
  • PEEM classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CIVIL & EE are not compulsory, though, students who are interested in PEEM classes are allowed under a special time-table prepared by respective Campus Directors ensuring the effective use of resources and without causing any undesirable disturbance in other activities.
  • The time table and scheme for PEEM classes and GD/PI sessions are prepared by Training Officer, with guidance of Campus Director.

It’s a beyond-syllabus activity to provide profession skills to students which fills the gap between the university syllabus and the demands of the industry/society from an engineer. The program is directly related to the Holistic Development & Grooming and Placement Process of the engineering students to make them excel in all spheres of life, personal or professional.

Objectives : To influence the performance and behavior of the student, the following objectives have been set:

  • To create a conducive atmosphere for the Holistic development of the students and to equip them with skills like communication skills, mannerisms and professional etiquettes.
  • Maintain good linguistic competence among the students through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Train students to use language effectively to face interviews, GDs and public speaking so as to increase the chances of placements
  • Generate awareness of current industry trends and current affairs
  • Sensitize the students to the burning environmental and social issues at national and global level
  • Provide exposure to the students to a variety of self-instructional, learner – friendly modes of language learning.
  • To assist engineering students in metamorphosing into an industry ready professional
  • Each section of 66-72 students splits into 2 which are handled by two trainers respectively
  • Each session comprises hands-on activities, videos, power point presentations, hand-outs etc.
  • The duration of the activity is of 2 hours
  • In the beginning of the session, the objective/s are specified followed by the process and application of the activity/s
  • Prior to the actual commencement of the activity, students are given coaching related to the relevance of the topic in professional life.
  • Assessments is followed by discussion and feedback.
  • Towards the end learning outcomes are discussed.
  • Topic related hand-outs are given to the students as and when required, prior to the sessions as home assignments
    1. Activities related to Technical Soft Skills at the Technical Deptts’ locations
    (a) Assessment and Feedback of Technical Seminar Presentations
    (b) Mock Campus Recruitment Drives at Deptt. Level
  • Mock GD and PI in Laboratories.
    1. Technical Games and Quiz during Technical Lectures
    2. News and Current Affairs Discussion during Practical Experiments
    3. Decoration of Faculty rooms and Classrooms with Quotes, Word-lists, Do’s and Don’ts of GD, PI, Presentation Skills etc.
    4. Activities related to Soft Skills for Technical Faculty Members during Faculty Training Program at PF level
    (a.) Workshops for Communication Skills, Effective Delivery of Lectures, Holistic Development etc.
    (b.) Mock GDs and PI's to practice their skills
  • Training on Career Counseling
  • Pep-talks, Seminars on Time Management, Resource Management, Goal Setting and Event Planning, Organizing and Conducting etc.

Online eligibility test is a mandatory eligibility criterion for appearing in 1st and 2nd Mid Term Examination for all the students for self-assessment about academic preparation at any stage, till they clear the exam. It is for 1 hour minutes and is conducted on weekly basis. They are provided with a login and password to appear for the exam and if for any reason they are unavailable to give the exam during the assigned internet lab then they can appear during any free time in the college schedule. The print out of the result will be provided to the students. Passing online exam is mandatory and two attempts are given for clearing one unit. It consists of 60 questions in total from all the subjects of that particular unit. For e.g., the first test will consist of 60 questions in total from the unit I of all the subjects of that particular semester, similarly for unit II and so on.

Special Training classes are organized for the final year students so that they can excel in the upcoming Placement drives. These classes are meant for:-

  • Guidance to Students for Increasing Placement Chances.
  • Experience Sharing by Selected Students (Alumni and others).
  • Discussion on Exam Pattern and Previous Year Placement..

EDC was established on August 15, 2011 with the objective of creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the nation. The E- Cell organizes a plethora of events under its aegis. It allows participation not only from the students of PIET Campus but also from colleges all across the country. It is aimed at promoting an environment favorable for entrepreneurial thinking and action through the organization of a variety of entrepreneurship-oriented events such as games, idea generations, business plan contests, case studies, business quizzes and so forth. The long term objectives are aimed at assisting students who aspire to start their own ventures. To achieve the objective EDC has an association with NEN (A national level leader in Entrepreneurship Development).

Poornima Students stand out

  • Employers look for many other qualities besides academic achievement.
  • Poornima students acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at Poornima to compete most effectively in the recruitment market.
  • Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership & communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programs.
  • Poornima encourages students to start thinking about their options early and runs many early bird programs to help first and second year students to find vacation work within the campus.
  • Earn While You Learn drive, allows Poornima students to find employment within the campus and also make money.
  • Poornima organizes comprehensive personality enhancement programmes, which are in consonance with the requirements of the employers to develop students’ employability skills and make them aware of the range of occupations available to them.
  • The students are invited to attend a range of events and career fairs to talk to employers about opportunities.
  • Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills are provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible positions.
  • Poornima students have strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions.
  • The education system is highly innovative and has incorporated the best practices followed in Professional & Technical Education.
  • Curriculum based on an innovative Blended Approach that includes development of programmes with inputs from Industry and Academia, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment and organized feedback from students for further improvisation.
  • Students are given live projects in the form of business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys and encouraging them to take up new entrepreneurial activities.
  • Poornima provides recruiters with unparalleled exposure to competitive and qualitative Industry Ready students trained under the guidance of our nurturing faculty.
  • The vocational focus of the courses and industrial trainings help to develop the maturity and employability of our students.