Poornima Business Incubation Centre (PBIC) is the venture arm of Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) that nurses, nurtures and fosters incubation of startups. It is an incubation center for startups whose objectives are to cultivate and promote entrepreneurism among talented youth, students and experienced alike. Anyone with an idea and unflinching determination to give it a shape is an ideal candidate to associate with PBIC. Poornima Business Incubation Centre (PBIC) is set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas and innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into products, processes and services for commercial exploitation and for the benefit of society. PBIC offers incubation facilities and services to prospective entrepreneurs to their innovative ideas into commercially viable products. PBIC provides certain facilities like physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities, Services such as training or High- speed Internet access, links to higher education resources, accounting and financial management etc. It facilitates networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubates. PBIC also conducts events like entrepreneurial talk series, workshops, open pitches and seminars to offer a good interface and visibility in the region. Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology has been supporting the new budding Entrepreneurs since 2014 through a club which is known as E-cell and which is now working in coordination with PBIC.

Structure of PBIC

Dr. Ajay Maurya - PBIC coordinator
Mr. Ajay Saini - PBIC campus coordinator, PIET
Dr. Puneet Mathur - PBIC campus coordinator, PIET
Dr. Praveen Gupta - PBIC campus coordinator, PIET
Dr. Megha Gupta - PBIC campus coordinator, PIET

Details Of Facilities

Physical infrastructure:

  • Fully furnished Office Space
  • Shared resources: Meeting rooms, Conference rooms.
  • Office productivity equipment: Fax, Photocopier, Printer, Scanner, Projector
  • Lab: PBIC Lab with Equipment and software tools, Facilitation for access to PIET Labs


  • Electricity
  • Internet

(# No cost for electricity/internet consumption or any utility or service is charged separately to the Incubates. However, Incubator retains a right to limit the free electricity/internet consumption and other utility, beyond which charges will become payable by the Incubate.)

Activities organized under EDC / PBIC
Session S. No. Activity Details No. of Members organized/Planned on
Year 2018-19 1 EAD-18 ( Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive-2018) Supported by e-cell, IIT kharagpur 400-500 Oct-18
2 IEEE sponsored & AICTE approved Workshop on Financial Literacy 220 20-Dec-18
3 Entrepreneur Talk by Prof. Samish Dalal, Associate Professor & Administator, Global FMB Program, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, and TEDX Speaker 450 1/25/2019
4 Student Interaction with RFC(Rajasthan Finance Corporation,RIICO office) regarding Yuva Udymita Protsaahan Yojna 20 2/13/2019
5 "Prayag" a contest to promote Entrepreneurship among students All Departments of PIET Nov-18
6 India First Leadership Talk Series ( Session by Shri Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, organised by MHRD Innovation cell) 360 8-Jan-19
7 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights( Session by Ms Shwetasree Majumder (Principle, Fidus Law Chamber), organised by MHRD Innovation cell) 354 10-Jan-19
8 India First Leadership Talk Series ( Session by Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Persistent Systems Ltd, organised by MHRD Innovation cell) 358 21/1/19
Year 2017-18 1 Start Up Meet organised by E-Cell, PIET Ecell Members 3-Oct-17
2 UDYAMITA-2K18 Organised by E-cell, PIET All Departments of PIET 20th Feb, 2018-28th Feb, 2018
Year 2016-17 1 Entrepreneur Talk by Mr. Pranay Mathur, (Founder & CEO, WeDig TechSolutions Pvt Ltd. Jaipur) ,And Mr. Sumit Srivastava, (Founder, GENSUS DESIGN ) For All Students 20th Feb, 2017
2 Entrepreneur Talk by Shree Subhash Saini (Chairman & Founder, Gurupragya Group, Jaipur) For all Students 28th Feb, 2017
3 Three days Entrepreneurship activity held at PIET For all Students 4 January, 2017
Year 2015-16 1 Institute Interaction with Japanese Industrial Zone, Neemrana with Mr. Dheeraj Yadav Human Resources and Admin, Dainichi Color India Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Syed Sammar Abbas Senior Manager - General Affairs, Sales and Marketing, Koide India Private Limited Selected students from all Departments of PIET 16 October 2015
2 Industry Institute Interaction at StartUp Oasis, with Mr. Anugrah Sharma, Coordinator, Student Incubation Program, StartUp Oasis, Selected students from all Departments of PIET 18th September, 2015
Year 2014-15 1 Interaction with Mr. Dilnawaz khan, Business development and programme coordinator, STARTUP OASIS and Guest of honour, MR. Keshav bansal , director, bansal elastomers pvt ltd. Selected students from all Departments of PIET Nov-14
2 Workshop on Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership Selected students from all Departments of PIET 29th January, 2015
List of Incubates at PBIC
S. No. Name of Startup Website / online link Area
1 Theta Electronics www.thetaelectronics.in IOT/Electronic Items
2 Writer's Voice Society Youtube channel (Cliffhangers by wvs) Platform for Writers/Poets etc.
3 GoodMinds Club www.goodminds.in Academic Counseling
4 RashanBag www.rashanbag.in ( under construction) Grocery Home Delivery
5 Origin Club www.facebook.com/origin.poornima.club Technical and non technical events