Origin Club

The objective of the ORIGIN CLUB is to fulfill the thirst of the corporate by updating the students knowledge on recent trends and technologies. And to develop a platform where the technical innovativeness of students could be nurtured and given a practical shape so as to improve the technical abilities of students as well as the reputation of institute as a leader in innovation and creativity. This club is formed on 26 March, 2018

Students will get a platform to show their potential in technical and non-technical fields. Various technical and non-technical events will enhance the skills of students. Learning sessions will provide students a better platform to learn something new excluding academics which are important for future aspects of their career and lots more.

Sangram - Battle of Talent:

Sangram - Battle of Talent successfully did witnessing 400+ audiences, 28+ performances under the roof of Arbuda Convention center, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology. Sangram is a annual event of Poornima group of colleges in which more than 100 participants participate and got a chance to showcase their talent, the talent can be anything whether it is singing, beat boxing, dancing, DJ war, open mic, stand-up comedy etc. This time the event was done in association with IEEE student Branch PIET.

Digital Marketing Seminar

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing products or services, which involves electronic devices. It can be both online and offline. According to institute of direct marketing use of internet and related digital information and communication technologies to achieve marketing objectives.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing or Pay per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, and Content Writing & Rate Optimization are the popular and most-demanded areas in digital marketing.

Code War

CODE WAR a great way to improve your skills when learning to code is by solving coding challenges. Solving different types of challenges and puzzles can help you become a better problem solver, learn the intricacies of a programming language, prepare for job interviews, learn new algorithms, and more. These discrete programming exercises train a variety of skills in a variety of programming languages, and are completed within an online IDE.

After Effects Workshop

Adobe After Effects is a software application for creating motion graphics and special effects used in video, online content and presentations. After Effects is available on both Mac OS and Windows computers. After Effects is used widely in TV and film post-production, the creation of special effects, and animation.