International Symposium on Holistic Development of Technocrats along with Universal Human Values

ISHDT -2022 aimed at developing a shared vision of holistic, human education, particularly in institutions of higher education. The purpose of the education system is to develop good human beings capable of rational thought and action, possessing compassion and empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and creative imagination, with sound ethical moorings and values. It aims at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive, and pluralistic society as envisaged by our Constitution. To start with the scope is within India and other nations. The purpose of the Symposium is: * To develop the requirements for holistic, human education. * To develop the guidelines, content and process (methodology) for imparting universal human values in higher education. * To discuss and elaborate on efforts to be made for implementing universal human values, particularly in higher education.
Topics: artificial intelligence with human values ethical implications of ict uses digitization of education human values in present scenario
Abstract registration deadlineMarch 30, 2022
Submission deadline April 15, 2022
Submission Guidelines
All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following paper categories are welcome:
Track 1: Artificial Intelligence Align with Human Values
Human Values for Continuous Professional Development, Aligning AI with Shared Human Values, Trustworthy AI system, Human Values as basis for Sustainable Software Development, Development of AI concepts, School of thoughts ,tools and techniques, The dark side of AI and ethical consideration, AI for healthcare innovation and management, The role of AI in the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), Machine learning, Cyber-physical Systems, Robotics and AI automation
Track 2: Social and Ethical Implications of ICT Uses
Deviant/unintended use of ICTs, Individual work-related issues of ICT uses: stress, burnout, addiction, Responsible use of ICTs, Prevention and intervention strategies
Track 3: Digitization of Education, Industries and Society
Equality, diversity, and inclusion in technology-enabled education, Industries and society, Ethics of digitization of education, industries, and society, Digital transformation and the future of work, Technology-aided social inclusion, Online learning platforms for digital inclusion, Humane computing
Track 4: Human Values in Present scenario
Human Values in Digital Age, Impact of Covid-19 on Human Values, Professional Ethics and Modern Dilemmas, In cooperating Human values in research, Reviving Human Values in business, Health, Ethics & Human Values: The Global Challenge
Track 5: Human Values and Life Skills
Human Values & Soft Skills Development in Education, Human values through English Language acquisition, Human values through English Literature, Human Values & Indian Cinema

Program Committee

Dr. Sama Jain

Dr. Ritu Soryan

Dr. Priyanka Kaushik

Organizing committee

Dr.Priyanka Kaushik

Er. Saurabh Aggarwal

Mr.Prince Dawar