International Conference on Research Trends of ICT using Digital Libraries with Human Values & Ethics

February 10-11, 2023


The information era we are in now is in the process of rapidly replacing the industrial age. Alvin Toffler in his famous book “Third Wave” correctly perceived that human civilization has witnessed three great revolutions “Agricultural Revolution” “Industrial Revolution” and “Information Revolution”. This “Information Revolution” is due to development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in which libraries have been assimilated at the electronic frontier to facilitate rapid transfer of information on a global scale.

Developments in computer storage and telecommunication approaches, online admittance to databanks, electronic journals, electronic knowledge banks, direct document transfer, tele-text, teleconferences, notice boards, CD-ROMs, networks etc., have been the revolutionary developments in the last two-three decades that have carried a great change in communication, storing and handling of information.

A wide variety of ethical problems with cyberspace and global networks will certainly generate a new world of information society. In this age libraries are changing from traditional to virtual libraries due to the ICT revolution. Concurrently, we have observed new ethical anxieties about the protection of personal privacy, protection of intellectual property, user responsibility, acceptable access and use of information, software licenses and piracy in this era of Information and Communication (ICT). Values with technology have laid down posted many challenges for the society, whether its cyber security, human privacy or social media. These all have impacted the moral of the society and thus need to append human values with Information technology. One should understand that moral values make the strong manners to give better routine and resolve all difficulties associated with society.

This international conference provides a platform to present ethical human values to preserve moral values and the concept of ICT (Information and Telecommunication Technology) and Libraries. This conference is focused on the ethical aspect of Information and Communication Technology using library based ethical issues like plagiarism, piracy, hacking and computer were accepted as possible ethical issues related to the ICT. This conference will aim towards discussion about the ICT trends in the society and ethical aspects in ICT.