Engineering & Career Awareness Club

The club includes activities like Technical workshops Quiz Career awareness sessions placement preparation coding competitions and latest innovations in engineering. The club includes activities like NEWS Headlines Poster making (Creative and social awareness) and articles.

Visit to Old Age Home Chaksu Jaipur

As a part of the subject Human Values I Year RTU syllabus the purpose of this visit was to inculcate in the students the values of empathy and compassion i.e. the capacity to feel what it is to live in somebody elses skin and feel their pain; and develop an understanding of the shortcomings of the society we live in.

On 25th October 2018 a group of about 34 students visited the Shri Ram Old Age Home. Mr. Kailash the manager of the home informed that there were 30 inmates in the home and he explained in detail about the background establishment and management of the old age home

Slum Area Visit Naya Savera Jaipur

This line became much stronger by visiting a NGO NAYA SAVERA which is an overall community development program related to children of slum area. Naya Sawera is a non-governmental organization that aims at working towards providing a healthy nurtured and nourished lifestyle to people who are deprived of facilities due to poverty and a lack of opportunities.


For the celebration of National Sports Day Department had organized sports activity like volley ball and basket ball at 2:30-3:30 PM.

Section wise teams were invited for both basket ball & volleyball. The day was celebrated in high spirits and the students were happy & cheerful about the event.

Team of Section D (CS Branch); with players Shashank Tak Ritik Ujjwal and Praveen Kumar Jangir; was declared the winner of basket ball match.