• Department of Electrical Engineering

    Department of Electrical Engineering


The Department of Electrical Engineering is started in year 2007 with an intake 60 students. The Department of Electrical Engineering is a blend of teaching and research activities pertaining to Electrical Engineering prospective. At present the Department offers B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering as per Rajasthan Technical University prospective. The diversity is reflected in the breadth of theoretical and laboratory courses that are on offer and the research activities of the faculty members. The Department firmly believes in imparting a strong hands-on flavor to the courses that a student takes, and therefore places emphasis on the laboratory component, internships and projects. The Department has a healthy mixture of young and experienced faculty members, all of whom display high levels of enthusiasm and dedication. Apart from teaching and research, the faculties are actively involved in organizing technical workshops, camps and visits at the Institute to create an environment conducive to experiential learning. The student community in the Electrical Engineering department consists of undergraduate students. Every year many of our B. Tech. students carry out summer internships at reputed academic institutes and industries. Approximately 10% of these internships are at foreign universities. The Department is very ably supported by qualified staff that helps in the smooth functioning of laboratories and other administrative activities.

Vision of the Department

To become an eminent destination of higher learning and research in the field of Electrical Engineering nationally and globally immersed in technical excellence and interdisciplinary research related to sustainability in power, energy and allied fields.

Mission of the department

1. To develop competent professional with innovative mindset, problem solving, design and implementation skills through excellent under graduate education.
2. To provide platform to students so that they can expertise themselves as an Electrical Engineering professional, entrepreneurs or as a manager while fulfilling their ethical and social responsibility in a globally competitive environment.
3. To contribute significantly to the research and discovery of new arenas of methods and knowledge in the field of Electrical engineering.