On 14th June 2021, PIET, Jaipur has been selected amongst 49 proud Institutions across India & Only 1 institution across Rajasthan to establish AICTE- Sponsored IDEA Lab for training & development of students and society on latest technologies with hands on learning

Objective of Poornima-Idea Lab

The objective of Idea Lab is to make engineering graduates more imaginative and creative in critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication, lifelong learning etc

Total cost of Project

  1. Contribution from AICTE: 50.39 L (We Requested 54.33 Lac)
  2. Contribution from Industry & Institution: 58.27L (We proposed 27.50 L (Industry) + 26.83 L (Institute)
  3. Additional Expenses 6.12 L

Major Conditions

  1. 3000 Sqft space Required (2000 Sqft for Lab & 1000 Sqft for Activities)
  2. Separate bank account to be opened and maintained for the duration of 5 years
  3. 80% fund will be transferred in advance subject to equal contribution made by the Institution into the same account
  4. Code of Conduct of AICTE-IDEA Lab to be adhered
  5. We can use AICTE-IDEA logo till PIET has its EoA with AICTE
  6. Regular Monitoring by “National Strategic Goal” Team
  7. Fortnightly report to be sent to AICTE & all details to be uploaded on portal (https://idealnet.aicte-india.org/)

Major Equipment must be procured/established

  1. Laser Cutter
  2. Vinyl Cutter
  3. 3D Printer
  4. 3D Scanner
  5. Alternator Synchronization Kit
  6. Bench Grinding Machine
  7. Brushless DC Motor Trainer
  8. CNC Router
  9. CoiI Winding M/c motorized
  10. De soldering M/c
  11. Digital Microscope
  12. Distance Protection Relay Trainer
  13. Drilling M/c
  14. Mini Desktop Lathe cum Milling
  15. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  16. Nvis 72 PCB Prototype Machine
  17. Optical Spectrum Analyzer 100G,
  18. PCB power Drilling Machine
  19. PLC Trainer
  20. Signal Generator
  21. Solar Inverter Trainer Kit
  22. Solar Technology Trainer
  23. Solder stations
  24. Spartan-6 FPGA Connectivity Kit
  25. Spartan-6 FPGA Embedded Kit
  26. Spectrum Analyzer
  27. TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  28. Transmission Line Trainer

Benefits of Idea Lab to Institute

  1. IDEA Lab can empower the students and faculty to “engage, explore, experience, express and excel”, addressing the need of new age learning.
  2. IDEA Lab would serve as an infrastructure for faculty to take up and promote multidisciplinary education and research.
  3. Faculty would be encouraged to get trained in these Labs and strive for creating projects/ internships in their own subjects/ disciplines and mentor the students.
  4. Institute can generate funds from this lab by inviting nearby industries to use tools/equipment’s/machines/facilities of idea lab.
  5. Industry persons can also trained our students by including them in product designing – thus our students can get exposure of working on live projects as well as they can use this in their profile.
  6. Under umbrella of IDEA lab we can get Industry based projects and get faculty as well as student technically sound.
  7. It will also enhance placement numbers as we will have more skills and contacts with industry
  8. This lab will also start in house summer internships for our students as well as students of other colleges.
  9. We will also invite School Teachers/12th pass students/ITI students to train them in skill programs that will pass mouth publicity in market that will help in admission in future.
  10. This lab can be established as Industry lab in Poornima like in MNIT which can be used by anyone 24*7.
  11. Using this lab we may provide skills to Faculty, Students, Industry person under one roof by conducting FDP/Boot camp/Skill Program/Workshop/awareness Program.

Benefits of Idea Lab to Faculty

  1. Faculty of Poornima can empower themselves by working in this lab- They can explore themselves in different area like
    • Bio-Manufacturing
    • 3D Printing
    • Remote Sensing
    • IoT
    • Robotics
    • Sensor Technology
    • Solar Energy
  2. Faculty members of all three campuses (PCE/PIET/PU) may work together on same platform can build industry ready product.
  3. This lab can give benefits as in designing consultancy projects by using facilities and equipment’s of this lab.
  4. IDEA Lab would serve as an infrastructure for faculty to take up and promote multidisciplinary education and research.

Benefits of Idea Lab to Student

  1. Students of all three campuses will be able to use idea lab beyond college ours to design their college projects.
  2. With these facilities available 24x7 in the campus, more students will be encouraged to take up creative work.
  3. Students can focus on new emerging area of skill development and may use this lab in project development.

Utilization of the Lab

  1. This lab will be, by the students and for the students
  2. 24X7 Lab for all students to work, learn and practice
  3. Lab with the product development approach (even small Objects)
  4. Lab with learning of students, faculty members and industrial training
  5. Target to publish research at national and international level
  6. Target to develop product for current need of country as well as need of local
  7. Patented product approach
  8. Convert Students to Entrepreneur through this lab

Process to Achieve Goals of Idea Lab

  1. Internship Program
  2. FDP/Workshops/Conferences
  3. Bootcamps
  4. Skill Development Programs
  5. Project Development Workshops
  6. School Teachers and Student Awareness and Training Program
  7. Summer/Winter Training Programs for Students

Pyramidal Approach for Involvement of All Stakeholders

  1. Faculty and Students of Local Institutions and Schools
  2. Manpower of Industry
  3. Students and Faculty Member of Poornima Foundation
  4. Industry and STartup Involvement

Events Planning

In next two years we will conduct following programs in this lab:

Internship Program/Training




Boot camp


Skill Programs


Project Development Ideation workshop


Professional skilling Programs


School teachers awareness program


School Students Project


Open day for School Students


Workshop for Industry person